Easy way to type Nepali Unicode

There are many Nepali Unicode typing software tools online. They present nice, easy and user friendly user interface. However, to recommend the easiest and useful online typing in Nepali Unicode is Saral Nepali Unicode i.e. http://nepaliunicode.rat32.com . The unique feature that Nepali Unicode adds is buttons for all Nepali Alphabets and letters. User can type Nepali Unicode both in online and offline. Nepali Unicode  includes 3 main features like:

  1. Typing in Nepali Unicode online.
  2. Once the page is loaded user can type through clicking on buttons i.e. works offline .
  3. User can convert from Nepali font Kantipur or Preeti to Nepali Unicode. Link: Preeti to unicode converter .
  4. Also from the same domain user can convert from Nepali Unicode to Preeti font (or Kantipur font). Link: Nepali Unicode to Preeti converter

In addition to Typing Nepali Unicode, converting to Nepali Unicode from Preeti font and converting from Nepali Unicode to Preeti font is very essential in day to day life so http://nepaliunicode.rat32.com/ is a very useful Nepali Typing, Nepali text, Nepali Unicode conversion tool online.


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